Lowkey Lewd sells a lot of custom designs to people around the world with the permission of their suppliers. Our company is a retailer company, meaning that we do not own intellectual property of any of the designs or products that are displayed on our website.

All the products available on our store have being tracked down to be sure that they can’t be call legally as counterfeit and does not infringe any intellectual property law. Some people may lie about their art and we understand that. Therefore, if anything on our website is your artwork and you can prove it, we will happily remove it within 24 hours.

This Copyright Notice and Takedown Policy is to protect the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of third parties. We will respond promptly to the notices of alleged IPR infringement. 

However, we need your help to identify potentially IPR infringing items as intellectual property owners are responsible for protecting their own IP; additionally, we do not claim to hold legal expertise on IPR matters.

Please submit a report of alleged IP infringement to us if you believe an intellectual property right has been violated on our website. Your report must include the following information:

○ Name of the intellectual property right owner
○ Your full name and the name of the company you represent
○ Your full address, Inc. City, State, and Zip Code
○ Your contact email address and telephone number, Inc. international dialing code
○ A complete description of the alleged intellectual property rights infringement
○ Explanation of the alleged infringement & its location on the Lowkey Lewd website
○ A declaration that you believe an IPR has been violated
○ A statement that the information in your Notice is true and correct

Please email us the report at

Any party/bot registering and or purchasing any of the listings that hosted on this website or any related platforms associated with this website and brand including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook and Etsy agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All content presented falls into Parody and Satire context of fair use.

Any party registering as a member to this website and or purchasing any goods provided on this website agrees to the terms listed and understands fully all content here does not represent the owners of said content, ideas, religious views or political views.

Ownership of all original IPs lie with their creators. All parties/bots registering to this website revoke all rights and functions to process claims or spam to this website or any related platforms including but not limited to Instagram, Etsy and general email addresses associated with this website and brand (Heroine Creative).

All parties must provide proven documentation that said parties operate under the ownership of the party on whose behalf they wish to make claims, prior to making the claim. By agreeing to above prior you forfeit this procedure due to again, everything created and sold on this and any other websites and platforms associated with this brand is created under Parody and Satire.

Which is protected by fair use. If the above Terms Conditions are not upheld by the registered and or purchasing party/bot, and any legal claim including but not limited to a DMCA or copyright claim of any kind is filed you agree to rescind all claims. Failure to do so means the registered and or purchasing party agrees to pay a fine of 10,000 (ten thousand) USD for each claim and each item subject to said claim filed.